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Known as Berzerkers, the Úlfhéðnar watch for Ragnarök and the ending of the world. They believe they were born for war, and their battle-rage is legendary, as well as the long recovery they require afterward. Fearless and unforgiving, their power rises from unbridled passion and anger: Every Úlfhéðnar must struggle to contain that power when among friends.

Whispered rumors claim that the passions of these Berzerkers may run so high their bodies cannot contain the raw emotion, and burst in a cataclysmic explosion. This darkness inside, this doom, waits to be unleashed upon their enemies like a storm that brooks no resistance. Unstoppable and hungry for havoc, the Úlfhéðnar eagerly lay down their lives to defend the Realm that is their home.

History[ | ]


Úlfhéðnar concepts

The Úlfhéðnar come from a background of a vengeful past where children were taken from parents by a bloody-minded Malevolence. This storm made manifest sought to destroy them, but the people rose up and defended themselves with magic and might of arms. Marked with a strange poison by the snake-like storm, the descendants retain a dark turn of mind, and use their rage to fight for the Realm of Vikings.

Age of Becoming[ | ]

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The Úlfhéðnar originate from Askr and Embla, two Viking homesteaders who loved their children very much. However, when those children were taken or killed by an apparently intelligent Malevolence with a form of a giant serpent, they began to wander the land in despair.

Eventually, they came to a village where the very same Malevolence had appeared once more. From a mountain, they saw a red-haired father defending his son, but falling to the deadly storm. Their hearts moved by the sight from their dull despair, Askr and Embla charged down the mountain and fought the snake-storm to save the child, who was trying to use his fallen father's broken sword...

They managed to save the child, who hinted that he would be king of the Vikings one day as Sigurd, and traveled away. Askr and Embla settled in that very same village, and had more children, founding the race of the Úlfhéðnar. However, injuries from the battle with the Malevolence entered their bloodline, and induced their unique relationship with anger in later generations.

Appearance[ | ]

Little is known about appearance, only rumors. No-one has seen an Úlfhéðnar, and gone on to describe them, either out of fear, or loss of their heads.

Features[ | ]

Based on Úlfhéðnar`s lore and hints so far, Berzerkers in combat should have furious outbursts of power followed by periods of exhaustion.

Racial Stats[ | ]


Banes and Boons[ | ]

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Initially considered for a melee class, the CSE thought it would be way too fun to have Berserker Healers and Mages. So they made the Berserkers, old Norse Úlfhéðnar, as a playable race instead of a class.
  • Askr and Embla are the Old Norse version of Adam and Eve, the first humans on the world.

Revision history[ | ]

  • September 6th, 2013 - Becoming story of the Úlfhéðnar was released.

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